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Writing My Personal Statement For Sixth Form

Hi I need to do a personal statement for my sixth form application form, please help me with templates and what to add to them. Further tips and advice on writing the personal statement from a sixth form tutor. Visit as many universities as you can to be certain you like what the offer. Complete the UCAS preparation handbook form Mrs Mattingley on how to write a personal statement and how to start the application form. Discuss completed booklet with Mrs Mattingley to plan the order of the personal statement. Ask as many people. Feb 20, 2015. Im deeply passionate about. I have a very mild interest in. 2. I enjoy travelling. Ive been to Wales twice. 3. I regularly take part in volunteer work. I did Duke of Edinburgh Award and hated every minute of it. Especially the volunteering. 4. Im independent. I sometimes walk to sixth form on my own.

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Personal Statement For Sixth Form Application Examples

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