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Someone Reported My Passport Lost

Find out what to do if you have lost your passport, visa or BRP card and how to replace your missing documents as a matter of urgency. How do I check if my US passport was reported loststolen? Update Cancel.. What can I do if someone threatens to report my passport stolen so I cant return home? Jun 10, 2015. You are required to report a lost or stolen passport. Feb 12, 2015. Even if you dont know if it was stolen or lost (in my friends case), still file a police report because it looks much more legitimate to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when they issue you a new passport. 3. Print out new. If youre accompanying someone, make sure to bring your own passport for identification.

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Details of stolen and lost passports are submitted directly to the STLD database by INTERPOL NCBs and law enforcement agencies via INTERPOLs I-247 secure. the passports of individuals travelling internationally against the SLTD, and immediately determine if the document has been reported as lost or stolen so they.

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