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Research Websites List

Jul 25, 2014. Below is a categorized list of useful student websites and online resources that will help to make student life that little bit easier from day one.. tutors will tell you never to reference Wikipedia in assignments, the collaboratively edited encyclopedia project can be a very useful tool for early-stage research. Explore this Best U.S. History Websites for Students Top Picks list of 23 tools curated by Common Sense Education editors to find relevant and engaging edtech. There are websites with vast collections of primary source material that can fuel research as well as those with intriguing lesson plans and activities for creating.

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The Best Online Research Apps/Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

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General Research Websites. Biography.com AEs biography homepage. Brief biographies. Carnegie Mellon English Server A rich site covering a broad spectrum of. best website icon Elink.io. Looking for a way to curate and share links in a newsletter or list then elink is the online tool for you. Choose a template, add links and share as a web page, newsletter. Appropriate for 6-12 use this site for collaborations with your history and language arts teachers for digital research projects.

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