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Pay Between Assignments

arrangements the school has in place for its own staff. PAY. No. As long as you are an agency worker, the AWR will always apply to you and you cannot be asked to sign away your AWR rights. However, the agency you are supplied by can offer you a specific type of contract. (often referred to as a pay between assignments. The agency cant ask you to come into the agency for an hour to avoid paying you between assignments. Youll need to be on a genuine assignment with a hirer on the basis of the terms in your contract. While the contract is in place you will be entitled to pay between assignments until the agency finds you another job. Dec 21, 2017. But agency staff can forgo this right in return for a contract that offers pay between assignments, a loophole which is widely abused, this years Taylor review of modern working practices found. Reforming this law should be a key element of the governments forthcoming response to the review, said. Pay between assignment contracts are supposed to protect you if you have a gap in work between temporary jobs. The agency should still pay you if you have to wait to start another job. However, there are some problems you might face with pay between assignments contracts.

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