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The Paperboy movie reviews Metacritic score It all begins in the steamy rural backwater of Moat County, Florida, where things have been done the same way. Your score has been saved for The Paperboy. Would you like to write a review? All PaperBoy products are made to order, so can take up to 1-2 weeks to arrive after you order it. If it is made sooner we will get it to you sooner. Orders. We believe that by placing an order with PaperBoy you accept these terms and conditions. If you order something from us and it is no longer available, we will let you know. Apr 23, 2012. Based on Pete Dexters 1995 novel, The Paperboy follows a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) and his young brother (Zac Efron) who investigate the events surrounding a murder in order to exonerate a man on death row (John Cusack). The film was selected to compete in this years Cannes Film Festival.

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