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Indie Book Review Services

Before using Indie Book Reviewers I was selling maybe 1-2 copies a week. And after being on Amazon for almost six months, my book had only gotten one other review. We just review the books that interest us. We review most all genres. All our book reviews are free. We help indie authors by providing a free book review service. Heres an example of one of our free book reviews Watch Over Me written by Judy Lawn is a troubled romance, a family at war, a ghost, and a mystery, all set on. May 8, 2017. They are, of course, only examples as Indie View and Book Blogger Lists directories attest, bloggers willing to review self-published titles number in the hundreds. Dear Author is a popular book blog that covers mainly romance, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction.

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Great Sites That Offer Indie Book Reviews

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IndieReader has been providing professional book reviews to indie and. My IndieReader Review. Wed love to help you find the best services for your book.

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