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There were numerous high-quality entries for the essay competition, and we would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts. In fact, we had such a hard time choosing the winners, that we decided to award prizes to essays which were highly commended as well! The first prize winners will receive a complete set of books. Opportunities abound for high school sophomores and juniors to write essays and win college scholarship money. For potential pay-days as big as 10,000, its time well-spent. My College Guide has gathered a list of 10 essay contests that high school sophomores and juniors can participate in. Be sure to check each. Isrf essay competitions. The Independent Social Research Foundation wishes to support.

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10 Essay Contests for High School Sophomores and Juniors

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BIMACC National Essay Competition Prizes Worth Rs. 22.5K Submit by March 12. Manik BT - March 10, 2018.

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