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Economic Order Quantity Literature Review

several fields of research. A branch comprises models where the assumption that all units are of perfect quality is removed, for a deep literature review you can see Chan. 9. Another field of EOQ extended models is focused on deteriorating inventory models for perishables management, for a good review you can see. found the EOQ model useful for computing inventory turnover ratio and for optimizing inventory costs. Research Gap. What is clear from the foregoing literature review is the prevalence of a multiplicity of perspectives on the EOQ model globally, but there is paucity of contributions on comprehensive assessment of the. The discipline was renamed in the late 19th century primarily due to economic order quantity literature review Alfred Marshall from political economy to economics as a shorter scary story essay ideas term for economic. Literature Review Concluding Remark.EOQ OhioLINK ETDECONOMIC ORDER QUANTITY (EOQ) MODEL. A thesis This modified EOQ model is referred to as the Economic Order.

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