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Do I Report My Roth Ira On Taxes

the TurboTax module said my Roth-IRA contributions could lower my tax penalty, but it never prompted me further on where to enter that information. Why do you want to report this? Spam. Profanity. By Jeffery Levine, IRA Technical Expert Follow Me on Twitter IRAGuru4EdSlott If you made a Roth contribution for 2013 and are now preparing your tax return, you may be wondering where to report it. Chances are, however, that if youve been looking, youve been looking for a while. Aug 27, 2017 Reporting IRA and Retirement Plan Transactions Reporting IRA and Retirement Plan Transactions.. Where do I report SIMPLE IRA Nov 30, 2017. I cant make a Roth contribution this year, so I put 5,500 in a non-deductible IRA and converted it to a Roth, at which time it gained 14 cents in interest. I know I have to file Forms 8606 and 1040. My first question is does the 14 cents get reported since it rounds down? Second, how do I report it on my 1040?

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Taxability of Roth IRAs according to PA income tax rules

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