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Defending My Dissertation

In the Bologna system, the bachelors thesis, called zavrni rad (literally final work or concluding work) is defended after 3 years of study and is about 30 pages long. Most students with bachelors degrees continue onto masters programmes which end with a masters thesis called diplomski rad (literally diploma work or. After the student has successfully defended the prospectus, the cover page must be signed by the committee and submitted to the DGS at least one week prior to the faculty meeting in which it is to be. The prospectus should represent the students best judgment and intentions about hisher proposed dissertation research.

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I contacted ACW with the goal of finishing and defending my dissertation, and then writing articles while applying to academic and leadership positions. How can the answer be improved? Nov 29, 2012. n my program, we have two major milestones prior to the dissertation process. These tasks require that we conduct original research that we must orally defend in front of a faculty committee. I just successfully came through those milestones (woot! bring on the diss!) and thought I would share the collective.

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