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Copywriting Company Names

Jul 22, 2015. James Morgan on the trials and tribulations of choosing a name for your copywriting business. Looking for a business name for your copywriting company? Browse BrandBuckets list of brandable business names. Naming a company in this day and age is certainly different to in the past. I like The Word Hen, although I have to admit when I first heard it I didnt necessarily think copywriting. Choosing a business name can be one of the most gratifying tasks in the startup phase, but naming your business is unfortunately more complicated than simply picking a clever name for your startup.

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Examples Productive Flourishing, Think Traffic, Apartment Therapy, KIND Healthy Snacks, Abby Kerr Ink. Early on, I was going to name my business The Abby Kerr Copywriting Agency, which would have been very much a literal name. I switched it up when I realized that I wanted to offer services beyond copywriting.. Our approach to name and tagline generation. The first thing you should know about coming up with a great name and tagline for a company, product or service is that it takes time. Sure, its only a few words, but theyre the most important words youll have. We begin by getting to know your business. But more than that, we.

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