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Byu Speeches Holland

Feb 27, 2018. Called by many the bulldog of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has been inspiring LDS members with his honest speeches and tender, sincere moments for decades whether it was in General Conference or a devotional at BYU. Weve gathered five talks -- both. Elder Hollands talks are always deep, cut to the core of the doctrine, and powerful. This is one of his best talks, and should be read by everyone who wants to understand the meaning of temple covenants and how we use them in our daily lives. I heard this talk referenced in two other BYU speeches, and finally found it. Patricia T. Holland, Fear Not, BYU Speeches, 1987-09-15. Patricia T. Holland, One Thing Needful Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ, Ensign, October 1987. The post The Inconvenient Messiah appeared first on BYU Speeches. Patricia T. Holland Just before commencement exercises last spring, my husband received a letter.

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BYU Speeches

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