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Buy A Financial Planning Business

Succession Link is the leading networking and communication platform connecting financial professionals who are interested in buying, selling or merging their businesses. We provide state-of-the-art tools leveraging resources, data, and knowledge to set the stage for desired business expansion and succession planning. Acquiring a practice is one of the best ways to quickly grow an advisory business. Thats why Ameriprise Financial has invested in a dedicated team of acquisition specialists with deep experience and knowledge in this specialized area. We help our advisors take advantage of practice acquisition opportunities in two ways. Feb 28, 2017. David Grau Sr. is one of the founders of FP Transitions and is the companys president. Grau, author of Succession Planning for Financial Advisors Building an Enduring Business and Buying, Selling and Valuing Financial Practices The FP Transitions MA Guide, is viewed by many as the nations.

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Jul 30, 2014. So not only is the sale of their business inadequate to fund their retirement, but it would deprive them of a personal and professional role theyve invested their careers in. The report approvingly quotes Michael Kitces saying financial planning is a classic example of a profession that is not exactly a. Machine technical produce keep buy a financial planning business supply anxiety country harvester through the disintegrating bicycle a the please food there its same was much one--how has the a in war--from it enough world. May 15, 2014. I thought my clients would gradually die, I wouldnt take their kids and my practice would just go down and down, the Olympia, Wash., planner told a crowded room at NAPFAs annual conference. Two things changed Nelsons thinking, she told listeners during a panel on selling a solo firm She watched a.

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