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DOB: September 4, 2010
Brumby was a Godsend. He was born the day before Bandi died (see below). He was such a surprise to and Chris had to get a puppy, and Brumby was the one that acted most like Bandi. It's funny how he does some of the same things ole Bandi used to do yet they only met the day Brumby was born. It was truly a miracle that Bandi was even able to reproduce due to his failing health.
Brumby has matured into a beautiful dog and is as loyal to Chris as the day is long. If Chris is training a mule in the round pen then that's where Brumby can be found. He's such a good dog!

Brumby       Brumby Chris

Brumby 2014

DOB: December 12, 2014
Kena is a purebred border collie that was purchased from Beth Berggren and goes back to Orin Barnes stock in Texas. Chris has always wanted a border collie and he has a good one now. Kena is full of energy and has wanted to work since she was old enough to walk. She loves to go trail riding, herd the chickens, circle the pens of mules and her most favorite is to work the water hose. She'll go in clear past her eyes trying to get the hose out of the water tank. It's safe to say if you can't find Kena, she's out playing with the water hose.
She's silly but loved to pieces!

Kena       Kena water

In honor of our beloved pets that we've lost.

China Ann
December 1, 2002-July 16, 2011
China was Chris' dog. She was a Valentine's Day gift from Kelli to Chris in 2003. Someone shot China in the head twice a few years ago and survived, still having a bullet lodged in her throat. She lived up to the saying "hard headed", especially because we had to tell her 5 times to do something before she'd do it. She's was a good dog though and we loved her.

China       China Stove

Mr. Bandi
November 22, 2000-September 5, 2010
Bandi was a very special dog to us and will be forever in our hearts and souls. Bandi was Chris' dog and he loved Chris dearly. He was such a loyal and loving dog. He was a dog that would make you smile even on your worst day. Bandi had a tough life, battling 3 rounds of coon bite paralysis. We had numerous people tell us to just put him out of his misery when he would be paralyzed for 13 weeks at a time but with love, kindness, and hours of care, he pulled through, time and time again. God blessed us with a very precious gift, born the day before Bandi passed, Brumby (see above). He truly is a miracle puppy.

Chris and Bandi       Bandi wedding





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