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Our 2014 Babies
All colts raised at Rafter CF Training Mule Company will be freeze branded on the left shoulder with .
No exceptions. This brand is registered with the State of Iowa.
Call or write for particular details on any of the foals below.
712-370-2474 or

Copyright’s Miss Macy
Born 1/28/14 - 2/6/14
We lost this little darling at a short 9 days old due to a birth defect. Macy was born without a bladder.
She was truly a delight to have with us for 9 days. RIP Miss Macy.

Photo taken at 1 day old
Sorrel molly mule with a white star foaled January 28, 2014 out of Rose and Copyright. Full sister to Swagger.
This mare went way overdue again but did not disappoint. Macy is a nice little molly with tons of eye appeal and has a great personality. She is super correct on her legs and has a gorgeous little head. We're anxious to see how this little molly grows and matures. IDMS Futurity eligible.

Copyright’s Dun Impressed Me
aka Demi
Born 2/10/14
Sold! Congrats Michel Binette, Canada
      Demi    Demi side
Photos taken at 5 days old

Demi 3 mos
Photo taken at 3 months

Demi Canada
Photo taken Sept 2014 as Demi is meeting her new owners from Canada!
Dun molly mule foaled February 10, 2014 out of Sally and Copyright.
Full sister to Dun It Again and Dun In Love. This molly mule is a huge baby and is a real stand-up nice colt.
Demi has a great personality, is a gorgeous baby and has that great dun color.
She will definitely turn some heads in the show ring and on the trail.
IDMS Futurity eligible.

Copyright’s Get Your Shine On
aka Shine
Born 3/23/14
2014 IDMS Molly Weanling Futurity 2nd place
Sold! Congrats Mike & Daneece Forbes, IA
Watch for Shine and Daneece in the show ring! They'll make a beautiful team!!

Shine    Shine side
Photos taken at 10 hours old
Shine IDMS
Photo taken Aug 2014
Copyright's Get Your Shine On was 2nd place in the Weanling Molly Futurity!!
Red dun molly mule foaled March 23, 2014 out of Jackie and Copyright.
This is Jackie's second baby and wow is she nice! Shine is super correct, has a gorgeous neck, head, ear and eye. She is an exceptional prospect and will "shine" every day. She has a prominent dorsal stripe, cross and stripes on her legs. This colt will make someone a great show prospect.
IDMS Futurity eligible.

Copyright’s Ben Jammin
Born 04/21/14
Sold! Congrats Dave Oliver, AR

         Photo taken at 1 week old                                                             Photo taken at 18 days old
Dun john mule foaled April 21, 2014 out of Skip and Copyright.
Full brother to Barbie Doll, Chantilly Lace (Kelli's personal mule), Lucky Charm, Troubadour, Chili Pepper, Maybelline, Hillbilly Deluxe & ¾ sister to Skipper (Chris’s mule).
This john is a beautiful baby! Ben is Skip's first dun john mule. She usually has sorrel john mules or dun molly mules so this one's a real treat. He's super athletic and extremely correct on all four legs. Ben has a nice head, neck and ear and is a real sweetheart. This mare's foals have all done extremely well in all aspects from the show pen to the roping arena. This colt will be an all around winner and has tons of color to boot!
IDMS Futurity eligible.

Copyright’s Denali
Born 04/26/14
2014 IDMS Molly Weanling Futurity CHAMPION & Reserve Champion Halter Mule overall!!
Sold! Congrats Vicki Wright, IL
Watch for Denali and Vicki in the show ring and on endurance rides!
Denali     Denali 2 weeks
Photo taken at 2 days old                                                               Photo taken at 2 weeks old

Denali IDMS
Photo taken Aug 2014
Copyright's Denali WON the Weanling Molly Futurity & was Reserve Grand Champion Molly mule!!
 Sorrel molly mule foaled April 26, 2014 out of Molly and Copyright. This colt is a 3/4 sister to Trademark's Bentley, and a full sister to Perfect Dream, Dually, Turbo, Hemi, Red Ryder, Lexus and Mercedes.
Denali is a fancy little molly mule that has a lot of potential. She has a beautiful head, eye and neck. This mare has had many foals and they are all very exceptional. Denali is an athletic and pretty little molly. She will be a great all-around mule just like her siblings. IDMS Futurity eligible.

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Trademark's Ta-Kee-La
aka Teak
Born 2/18/14
3rd place Open Weanling John Mules, IDMS
Sold! Congrats Dewayne & Jenifer Baker, MO
Teak    Teak 2 weeks
Photo taken at a few hours old                                                      Photo taken at 2 weeks old

Photo taken Aug 2014
 Palomino john mule foaled February18, 2014 out of Dana (palomino mare) and our young jack, Trademark. This is Dana's first baby out of Trademark and he is no disappointment. He has a great disposition and has that great palomino color. This colt will be stout and have a lot of body on him. He has a nice head and ear. He is very athletic and has a great way of moving.
IDMS Futurity eligible.
Owned by Dwight and Sandy Phillips, Braddyville, IA

Copyright's Scarlet Rain
Born 2/22/14
3rd place Open Molly Weanling Mule, IDMS
Sold! Congrats Jimmy & Michelle Fowler, TX

Scarlet Rain      Scarlet Rain front
Photos taken at 10 days old

Scarlet Rain IDMS  Scarlet Rain IDMS halter

Photos taken August 2014
Red dun/sorrel molly mule foaled February 22, 2014 out of Breezy and Copyright.
Scarlet is a beautiful molly! She has a real feminine neck and head but ties into a real stout back and hip. She is going to look like a horse with long ears! She has very unique white markings in her face. Scarlet is a people lover and will make someone a really nice show prospect!
 IDMS Futurity eligible.
Owned by Dwight & Sandy Phillips, Braddyville, IA

Trademark's Les-Pa-Dee-Za
aka Deza
Born 04/05/14
5th place IDMS Weanling John Futurity & 3rd place Open John Weanlings
For Sale $1500
Photo taken at 10 days old

Photos taken August 2014
Sorrel/Chesnut john mule with a big white star foaled April 5, 2014 out of a bay mare and our young jack, Trademark.
This baby is a full brother to Shooting Star and a half brother to Gloria, Cherry Blossom, Corey, and Chocolate Cosmos. Deza is a fancy little outfit and has a lot of show to him.  He has a gorgeous head, neck and ear. Deza has a great hip on him and is balanced from head to tail. This mare always produces nice colts and this colt is no exception to that rule. IDMS Futurity eligible.
Owned by Dwight & Sandy Phillips, Braddyville, IA

Copyright’s Red Pepper
Born 04/17/14
2nd place IDMS John Weanling Futurity & 1st place Open John Weanlings
Sold! Congrats Bryson Harpole, AR
       Red Pepper    Pepper 10 days
       Photo taken at 3 days old                                                          Photo taken at 10 days old

Red Pepper IDMS
Photo taken August 2014
Red dun john mule foaled April 17, 2014 out of a red roan quarter mare and Copyright. Pepper is a big, fancy john that has a lot of eye appeal. He is super leggy and will be a great show prospect. This mare throws babies with exceptional heads, neck and ears. Contact us for more information.
IDMS Futurity Eligible.
Owned by Dwight & Sandy Phillips, Braddyville, IA

Copyright’s Mr. Copper Chrome
Born 06/07/14
3rd place IDMS Futurity John Mules & 2nd place Open Weanling John Mules
       Photo taken at 2 months old
Sorrel paint john mule foaled June 7, 2014 out of a grade paint mare and Copyright. Chrome is super flashy and has a great body on him. Ray is super excited to get a baby of this caliber. He's sure to be successful doing whatever Ray asks out of him.
IDMS Futurity Eligible.
Owned by Ray Bjork, Iowa

Copyright’s Sparklin Champagne
Born 06/19/14
       Photo taken at 1 day old                                                                Photo taken at 30 days old
Champagne molly mule foaled June 19, 2014 out of an outstanding Amber Champagne Tennessee Walking mare and Copyright. This is Copyright's first champagne mule and is gaited to boot. She is super fancy and is built and looks like a quarter mule. Champagne is a rare find and will turn heads everywhere!
IDMS Futurity Eligible.
Owned by Brenda Wortmann, Iowa

Copyright’s Got it Made in the Shade
aka Shady
Born 2/6/14 - 2/28/14
Samfords lost this beautiful little guy due to a tragic accident. He will be missed. RIP Shady.
Photo taken at a few hours old
 Chocolate/dark dun john mule foaled February 6, 2014 out of Dazzle (Buckskin/grey foundation bred AQHA) and Copyright. Shady is a full brother to Chix Dig 'Em, Prince Charming & True Grit. This colt has a nice, balanced body. He is a real athlete and has a lot of size to him. Shady is proving full of energy and will make a great all-around prospect.
IDMS Futurity eligible.
Owned by Russ and Jan Samford, Bedford, IA


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